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April 01, 2012

If Your Mortgage Loan Application Is Rejected
If your loan request has been denied, you should understand why the loan was . Check the appraisal comparables and see if they are good representations.

Buyers second lender denied appraisal because of lack of comps ...
Aug 25, 2008 . Homes; Rentals; Local Info; Advice; Professionals; Mortgages; Advanced Search · Buy . The first lender denied the appraisal for lack of comps.

Low-ball appraisal: Mortgage denied - Mar. 30, 2012
Mar 30, 2012 . Low-ball appraisal: mortgage denied. . That indicates falling home prices and banks will slash another 5% off the loan. . sell for about 30% less than similar non-foreclosure homes but appraisers often use them for comps.

Low-ball appraisal: Mortgage denied | The Niche Report
Mar 30, 2012 . Low-ball appraisal: Mortgage denied. . A LENDER WILL RUN YOUR REPORT AT LEAST 2 TIMES ON ONE LOAN AND POSSIBLY 3 TIMES. . PAY money to a realtor to give you the best comparables and send them to the .

Mortgage Rejection Help For a Denied Mortgage Loan Application
If you have been flat out denied, you should immediately ask for the specific . If the lender appraised the property you want to mortgage, you can get a copy . We challenged the appraisal and submitted another appraisal, plus 10 comps for .

How to Understand Mortgage Underwriter Comps |
Underwriting is the process by which a mortgage loan is reviewed and accepted as a solid risk. . To do this, they must review comparable properties on the appraisal report. . What Do Insurance Underwriters Look for That Gets You Denied?

Home appraisals come under more scrutiny - MSN Real Estate
("Comps" are recent sales of nearby homes that are similar, or comparable, to the home that's the subject of the appraisal.) The mortgage lender may deem the .

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October 30, 2011

My Loan was Denied - What Fees Can I Recover? - Searchlight ...
Apr 2, 2012 . "What mortgage fees can i recover after loan denial" was a search I got. . Loan providers have zero control over the appraisal process, and .

not everyone is that kid of client some are just people with no credit like my 20 year old daughter who had gotten down to 8 months left oh sure they were helpful when she owed more than the car was

VA Insured Loans: No Down Payment Required, But A Good Deal?
VA insured loans do now require a down payment or private mortgage insurance. . Even when familiarity is not an issue, VA appraisers are reputed to appraise . program is inspecting for comparable value, not for condition, yet will deny to .

Pending Home Sales Gone Bad - Why Pending Home Sales Go Bad ...
She simply refused to sign loan documents and forfeited her deposit. . If the appraisal comes in less than the sales price, here are the options: . Unless these liens are removed, a lender will not lend, and the buyer's loan can be denied. . ratios by financing large purchases while waiting for their mortgage loan to close.

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Sec Cap sucks

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Mortgage Appraisal Complaints Mortgage Mortgage Insider
May 27, 2009 . A mortgage appraisal can be bewildering and is frustrating when . Equity; FHA, VA, FNMA, & Jumbo Loans; Easy 1 Minute Form; 4 Emailed Quotes; Totally Free . If your mortgage is being denied for low appraised value, that . Then, you can compare your home to the other comps and see how the .

Denied HARP refi because Fannie is not providing "Appraisal Waiver ...
Apr 1, 2012 . Search for Mortgage Rates in Your Area | Join our Forum . Advice · Refinance; Denied HARP refi because Fannie is not providing "Appraisal Waiver" . This takes a look at comparable sales in your area, if there are none to .

Home Refinance Appraisal Tips - Total Mortgage Services, LLC
. insufficient equity will either get your loan request denied or increase your interest rate. . In the past, loan officers would work with local appraisers who knew the local . Now, mortgage lenders and brokers work through appraisal management . Appraisers are required to locate three comparable sales within one mile .

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Mortgage Approval Process
Inland Empire Direct Mortgage Lender | FHA VA USDA HARP 2 Home Loans . but after I found a home and signed a contract, my lender denied my loan. . the lender may even require a new appraisal that reflects comparables within a 90 .

Question Answer Is the appraiser required to submit a well & septic ...
expected that appraiser be paid by previous lender who ordered appraisal and is listed on . appraiser should attempt to bracket the sales prices of the comparables or . The lender has not been denied the privilege of using a Mortgagee`s . Remaining economic life must be at a minimum the term of the mortgage.

Property Valuation/Appraisals: U/W doesn't like appraisal, acerage ...
Mar 20, 2010 . Once the u/w denied the mortgage, the lender had the appraisal give us 3 additional comps, but the updated file wont go back to u/w until .

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January 19, 2010

Reasons for Refusal of Mortgages Resulting From Bank Appraisals ...
A borrower may qualify for a new mortgage financially, but be denied due to the . An appraisal tells the lender the value of the home and its condition, along with . An appraisal has to list the three to five most recent comparable sales to the .

Appraisal Tips for Consumers - Appraisal Institute
including comparable sales in the valuation process that provide opinions that are . to enter into a mortgage loan that is more than the value of the property. 2. . consumers whether credit is granted, denied, or the application is withdrawn, .

Selling home w/ in laws unit. Lender denied the loan, FHA comps ...
Jun 17, 2011 . Appraisal certifies $ over loan & meets FHA guidelines. . Homes; Rentals; Local Info; Advice; Professionals; Mortgages . next The loan (FHA) was denied due to not enough comps in the area according to the lender and not .

Commercial Mortgage Loans - Commercial Lender Requirements
Basic requirements a commercial lender looks for in a commercial mortgage loan . in the appraisal are: property's age, area market capitalization rate, comparable . use when approving or denying a commercial mortgage loan request.

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